Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Ghanaian Family

Family in Ghana is a much more fluid concept than in the United States. If you are close to a friend or a cousin, you call them "brother" or "sister" and take that literally. If someone is like a parent to you, you will introduce them as "my mother" or "my father".

Here, I've listed my Ghanaian and white.
My Brothers
Kofi (Caleb)- He is every bit as strange as my brothers at home...and that's saying something. We've watched so many movies together, he's rattled so many random bits of information to me that we are now related. It is interesting having an older brother for once--at times he acts like a bodygaurd. He keeps me on my toes and I'm glad to live with him.

Nans- This Frenchy speaks less English than most Ghanaians...and yet being the only white kids in school, we are naturally seen as related. Explaining to people at school that Kofi is my brother and Nans is not is often fruitless. We have sucumbed to peer pressure and tell people we are brother and sister.

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