Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Ghanaian Family (cont)

However, the truth is Nans and I have become very close. My experience teaching ESL comes in handy--by the time the boy goes back to France, he'll be able to speak like an American (Not that that is so useful in Ghana...). Nans and I are different in some ways, but I stick up for him when his philosophical views are ridiculed, and he sticks up for me when Ghanaian males try to make a move. He is my brother, all right.

My Sisters
Marta- This girl is the type of big sister any small girl dreams of. She teaches me to cook and wash, shows me around town, and even befriends my friends. Once, when the Tema Team (Emily and Lucie) came to visit, she led a flock of five obrunis through the Kumasi market (which is about as wide as an airplane aile), and then escorted us to a peace rally led by the YES Program. We got a lot of stares, but that didn't phase her.

Bridget (or Atta)- She laughs harder and prays harder than anyone I've ever met. Her bursts of affection are rare but so strong.

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