Thursday, December 6, 2012

Eid-al Ahada

October 25 marks the Islamic holiday of Eid-Al Ahada. This feast day celebrates Abraham's sparing of Isaac, and traditionally involves the slaughter of an animal, emulating the ram Abraham sacrifced in place of his son. The meat of the animal is enjoyed and shared with friends, neighbors, and the needy in the community.

As YES Abroad students (and followers of an Abrahamic religion ourselves), Lydia and I were hoping with all our might that we would have the opportunity to celebrate this holiday. Neither of us is hosted with a Muslim family, and AFS in Kumasi doesn't have the manpower to organize a cultural experience like the students in Accra attended.

Fortunately, our friend Samira, a YES alum who has proved a sort of peer mentor for Lydia, invited us to pray and eat with her family that day.

After a hectic morning (see "Tro-tro Tales"), we arrived at Samira's. Samira and her sisters helped us wrap our heads and apply the makeup used by Muslim girls in Ghana.

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