Thursday, December 6, 2012

Assembly Time (cont)

That type of prayer depresses me on a good day. As I'm grieving, it feels like knives on my heart. Sure, thank God you are alive, but what about the hope of salvation? How can you be so sure those dead people are dead, if you truly believe in the God you are praying to?

My opinions about assembly time are mixed. I like the way religion is not sensored from school. But I don't prefer the lectures about "this is the way things are." I don't know if one creates the other.

I have also noticed many of the Muslim day students slip into class a few minutes late. I don't think it's a concidence. Maybe assembly time ostrasizes some in order to unify the rest.

I believe there is a meeting point. Could teachers tell their students about faith without insisting they adopt a particular religion? I've had teachers in the States do that, though they were treading on dangerous ground. It comes down to the difference between truth and fact. Look for a new blog post.

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