Thursday, December 6, 2012

Eid-al Ahada (cont)

Looking smart, we walked together to the mosque. I was astounded by the number of beautifully dressed men an women flocking to their house of worship. The entire neighborhood was preparing to pray.

By the time we arrived, the mosque was full. Samira spread a prayer rug on the ground outside, and she, Lydia, and I went through the Islamic motions of prayer, listening to the Iman say the Arabic petitions that were, at that very moment, being prayed all over the world.

In case this blog hasn't made it obvious, I am a Christian. The experience of praying in that manner was so powerful that I can't deny Islam offers a relationship with God. I don't have all the answers, but the promise to Abraham in Genesis could be threefold when one considers Christianity, Islam, and modern Judaism.

We finished our celebration with a mid-morning meal of kenkey (corn dough) and fish. Samira's family didn't have the resources for a slaughter animal, but we enjoyed their Eid meal with them.

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