Monday, January 21, 2013

My Pride, My Joy (cont 4)

There is no way the Ghanaian education system could teach anyone one fourth of what I learned at the CLPs and Poudre.

How am I supposed to react to that? School is my life. It always has been. I'm not sure I can be happy unless I am learning constantly. My classmates seem happy...but shouldn't they have the right to be educated at the highest level?

I won't fall into the trap of "Oh, God, thank you for putting me in America while so many others are not." That type of thinking has rubbed me the wrong way all my life.

In spite of that, I truly believe every person was born where they were for a reason. The reaction of my classmates to the teacher's speech was not one of anger, it was one of respect. They all wanted to read my story, and not one of them was jealous of it. Actually, they had fun reading it. Maxwell and Ivan, two of m friends, used this as an opportunity to learn how cheating is viewed in my culture.

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