Saturday, January 12, 2013

Deeper Life Bible Church (cont)

I now pray aloud quite often, whether in company or alone. I find that the "quiet of my own mind" is not so quiet, and stray thoughts easily distract me.

The sermons my host dad gives are perscribed--they are all written by the church's head pastor in Nigeria. Much of Ghana's learning is done from pre-written curriculums. As an American indivdualist, I do often find the sermons generalized and a bit dull. (That's not say I've learned nothing from them. Nor is my Ghanaian father a boring man.)

The church has several yearly gatherings which involve all 15,000 church members in Kumasi. I attended one in my third week in Ghana. The experience impressed my fresh mind greatly. Every member of the church was dressed their best--which in Ghana implies bright colors and flashy patterns. It was only at the big gathering that I realized members of this denomination take Paul's statement about women covering their heads literally. (See 1 Corinthians 11)

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