Saturday, January 12, 2013

Deeper Life Bible Church (cont)

My Ghanian mom wrapped my head in a silky green scarf to attend the gathering. She had never bothered during our villiage services, but with so many thousands of members gawking at me, it was a requirement. (I say "gawking" because what else will 14,999 Africans do to someone who looks like me? I was the only white person at the meeting)

Now imagine all 15,000 of us praying the way I described above. Incredible! Doubt was drowned completely.

Theologically, I have no quarrel with the Deeper Life Church. In the realm of prayer, I actually revere it. But the truth of my restless, lonely nature cannot be ignore.

Skimming on the surface of many verses does not do as much as getting the heart of one story. Listening to a two hour sermon without significant song, without peace sharing, without communion actually makes me spiritually lonlier than not going to church at all. So I gave it a good try. My host family knows I believe, they know I care about and respect their church.

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