Saturday, January 12, 2013

Deeper Life Bible Church

"What do you want to be?" my host dad asked, on our first day together.

This is an easy question for most people, but for me it is particularly tough. I'm proud of what I'd like to do, but I'm aware it is unusual. My calling is personal and at times I prefer to keep it to myself.

But I decided to answer. "I'm considering going to seminary."

"Really? I'm a pastor."

One of my main goals in applying for YES was to grow my faith. At that moment, I realized exactly how God would use YES. My host father and I bonded that first day in a way I never dreamed.

My first two weeks in Kumasi were spent praying over my host brother Caleb. I saw the eager, fervent way my family prayed. They'd lay hands on him and then alternate between shouting and fast whispering in Twi. I prayed along, in the quiet of my own mind.

In my host parents' church, the prayers are conducted in much the same way. Dad yells the prayer as everyone whispers their own petitions ecstatically.

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