Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tro-tro Tales

Bump. Bump. RRRRRRR! BEEP! Push, shove...wait I got to school on time.

After opening my eyes to an earsplitting alarm at 4:30 am and eating a breakfast of porridge and bread, I make my way (dressed in a school uniform, of course) to Boko station at approximately 5:30. I wait along with 70 other people for the next tro-tro. On Mondays, there are more than 100 people.

Everybody lines up super nice for the tro-tro, but when it arrives they push and shove and cut in's messy. If I'm alone, I wait patiently. The trouble with waiting patiently is that it does not garuntee I will reach school on time. When I am accompanied by my host brother (most days, since he attends the same school), he does the pushing and shoving for both of us.

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