Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tro-tro Tales (cont)

Mondays prove a particular challenge since so many people need to get to town in a hurry. I have traveled to school a different way every single Monday. Once, my host dad's friend brought me to school and my dad to work, along with his wife and three boys. (There were seven of us in a car built for four.) Once, Caleb and I squeezed in the taxi with six or so others. Another time (this one makes me chuckle) we pushed and shoved our way into an overcrowded tro-tro. People were sitting on the floor, on top of each other, and squished so tight no one could breathe. The driver didn't notice until we were over halfway to the spot we generally hail a taxi. "Get out," he said to a number of people, including Caleb.

"If I get out, so does the obruni," my brother said, in what was either a display of loyalty or a plea for my help. Either way, we got out there and took a taxi the rest of the way.

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