Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tro-tro Tales (cont)

Another day, I was on my way to meet Lydia for the celebration of Eid (an event which requires its own blogpost), when my tro-tro failed to slow down and rear-ended another tro. The drivers got out began shouting at each other. They looked at their cars, shrugged, and moved on. I laughed because I didn't know what else to do. (No one except the driver's pride was hurt, thank God)

As a full time resident of Kumasi, it is impossible to avoid pushing and shoving for a tro-tro forever. About a week ago, I was forced to push my way into a corner of a tro-tro on my way home from school. The door was unable to shut because of my awkward position. The mate in this tro was about 12, and I think he was as agast to see an obruni in his tro-tro as I was to see him working at that age. I rode all the way to Boko against a sliding door that was extremely ajar. It was my scariest experience in an automobile since coming to Ghana, and I will take care not to repeat it. Tro-tro Tales will continue t

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